Published: Sep 30, 2021

Spirituality and Anxiety in Critical Care Patients' Families: A Systematic Review

1-12 Ninik Ambar Sari, Merina Widyastuti, Putri Aprilia Rifah
Read Statistic: 88

How Do The Community Health Nurses’ Experience in The Strategies of Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Promotion and Prevention?

13-32 Rizkiyani Istifada, Etty Rekawati, Wiwin Wiarsih
Read Statistic: 115

Public Perspectives Regarding Covid-19 Pandemic: A Survey of Adults in Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi Area

33-48 Desmawati Desmawati, Farahdina Bachtiar
Read Statistic: 71

Electric Conductivity and Power of Hydrogen Value of Processed Seawater Using a Distillation Tool

49-59 Muliyadi Muliyadi, Idayani Sangadjisowohy
Read Statistic: 59

Relieve Labor Pain With Hypno Prenatal and Prenatal Yoga

60-70 Yunetra Franciska, Aprillia Ayu Shinta Yuka, Wilma Wilma
Read Statistic: 89

Low Phosphorus and Protein-Based Snack Bar Processed Products of Brown Rice for Sufferers Chronic Kidney Disease

71-86 Armiyani Armiyani, Susyani Susyani, Imelda Telisa
Read Statistic: 102

The Characteristics of Premarital Couple Related to Couple’s Knowledge of Healthy Pregnancy Preparation

87-97 Juli Oktalia, Herlyssa Herlyssa, Indra Supradewi, Ani Kusumastuti, Ira Budi Pratiwi
Read Statistic: 68

Peer Group and Positive Affirmations Affect on Physical Changes and Psychological Consequences of Menopause

98-110 Siti Masitoh, Yudhia Fratidhina, Heriza Syam
Read Statistic: 75

The Effect of Antenatal Care During Covid -19 on Complications of Pregnant

111-125 Ni Gusti Made Ayu Agung Budhi, Maryanah Maryanah
Read Statistic: 94

Physical Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Children With Leukemia

126-138 Apriyanti Apriyanti, Mayetti Mayetti, Deswita Deswita
Read Statistic: 89