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A healthy and balanced diet, also adequate nutrition helps reduce the rate of immune suppression in HIV-infected individuals and promotes adherence to treatment. In contrast, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity tend to accelerate disease progression and are associated with poorer treatment outcomes for PLHIV. Golden berry is scientifically known as Physalis peruviana. This fruit is the size of a marble and is yellowish in color. This study used an extract trial using a RAL design (completely randomized design). The test was carried out at the Spice and Medicinal Plants Laboratory, Bogor, West Java. The results showed that the Kamojang Golden Berries (GBK) which grow at Daniel's Farm, Mount Kamojang, Kamojang Regency, West Java, were proven to contain compounds: Triterpenoids, Saponins, and Alkaloids. So that the three ingredients can support the increase in the body's immune system. GBK fruit also contains an antioxidant content of 2282 ppm and antioxidant compounds: Flavanoids which can support an increase in CD4 count in HIV/AIDS patients. GBK fruit extract can be used as an alternative therapy in overcoming the problem of decreased immune system, especially CD4 count which often occurs in HIV/AIDS patients.


Golden berry kamojang HIV/AIDS Immunity system

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