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 Efforts to improve children's health that are carried out early and continuously can achieve optimal growth and development of children's health. One of the efforts to improve health is to carry out developmental stimulation. Implementation of developmental stimulation requires media to stimulate child development. The media used is an android-based media designed by the researcher, which includes gross, fine, speech, and language motor stimulation, as well as socialization and independence. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of developmental stimulation media on the developmental abilities of preschool children. The method used is a quasi-experimental design. Test analysis using univariate and bivariate analysis. The number of respondents was 70 (intervention group 35 children and control group 35 children). In the intervention group, developmental stimulation was carried out using android-based developmental stimulation media, while the control group did not use the media. The results showed that there was a significant difference between the mean abilities: of gross movement, fine motion, speech and language, and socialization and independence of children in the intervention group and the control group after treatment (p-value < 0.005). Conclusion: IT-based stimulation media (android) can be used as an alternative in stimulating development in preschool-aged children.


Children Developmental stimulation media Preschool

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