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The postnatal period means a very important and sensitive time for mothers and newborns. There is a growing body of evidence that increasingly points to app interventions as a potential tool to increase the use of maternal and child health services, including postnatal care. This can promote maternal and infant health during this sensitive period. The purpose of this study was to analyze the need for the development of an android-based postnatal fitness application, because seeing more and more android users so that the development of this application is useful for midwifery, especially the physical and psychological health of postpartum women. This type of research is descriptive quantitative. By using the Survey method. The research time was held in February - July 2022. This research instrument is a survey using google form as a data collection tool..The conclusion of this study is that the needs analysis on the development of postpartum fitness applications is stated to need to be developed, based on this analysis, further research is needed to develop android-based postpartum fitness applications. The implication of this research is as a foundation that research on the development of android-based postpartum fitness applications needs to be continued at the next stage. Postpartum fitness knowledge must continue to be improved by using various media, one of which is the Edugarlin application


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