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Various laws in various countries and the convention on the rights of the child in 1989 state that every child must be protected against child abuse. Forms of child abuse can be in the form of discrimination, both physical and sexual exploitation, neglect, cruelty, violence and abuse, injustice and other mistreatment. Midwives have an important role in counseling and health education, not only for women, but also for families and communities. This activity includes antenatal education & preparation for parenthood as well. The aim was to determine mother-father perceptions of forms of child abuse and the factors that influence them. This type of research is descriptive, with a cross-sectional research design. Data was collected using a questionnaire. There is no significant relationship between mother-father' perceptions of forms of violence against children and parents age, level of education, number of children, parent-child interaction. There is a significant relationship between mother-father perceptions of forms of violence against children with the level of parental knowledge (P value 0.000), economic level (P value 0.007)


Abuse Forms of child violence Mother-father perceptions

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