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Effective communication prevents unwanted events in the hospital. Factors that affect communication practices are caused by poor understanding of communication in teamwork. A good learning method is needed in the form of a mentor and mentee approach through mentorship.This study aims to apply the development of mentorship learning methods as an effort to increase the competence of nurses in charge of care (PPJA) in therapeutic communication practices. The method used is a pilot study on 60 nurses using mentorship observation and effective communication practices consisting of 30 items. The stage begins with problem identification, fishbone analysis, implementation and evaluation. Implementation takes the form of making guidelines, standard operating procedures, modules and role plays. The results of the study show that there is an increase in hand over knowledge of 30%, transfers of 40% and critical reports of 50%. The success of communication practices with an increase in the average hand over 45%, Transfer 40% and 35% critical reports. The success of effective communication practices is influenced by managerial support, willingness to learn and mentor mentoring with mentee. This study can be an evidence base for nursing management in nursing management in nursing communication practice.


Effective communication Mentorship Nurse in charge Pilot project

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