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An increase in the number of elderly will cause various health problems such as an increase in degenerative diseases. These health problems can cause the inability of the elderly to carry out activities and meet their daily needs, thus requiring long-term care (PJP). One of the psychological responses that appear in the family (family) is anxiety. To reduce the level of anxiety, proper nursing therapy is needed, one of which is by giving five finger hypnosis therapy. Based on the results of the case study by Yuni Nukholifah et al (2022) stated that there was a change in anxiety levels before and after the five finger hypnosis therapy was carried out in the three patients. Five finger hypnosis therapy can reduce anxiety levels in hypertension sufferers. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of applying the five finger hypnosis procedure on the level of family anxiety in caring for the elderly. The research design used was pre-experimental in one group (One group Pre Test Post Test Design). where the respondent was pre-tested before being given treatment and the respondent was given a post-test after being given treatment. The results of the study showed that there was a significant effect of the application of the Five Finger Hypnosis Procedure on the Level of Family Anxiety in Caring for the Elderly at pre and post intervention. This can be seen from the results of p value = 0.00 (a <0.005) which means that there is no significant effect on the occurrence of anxiety.


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