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Preeclampsia is still the number one cause of maternal death in Indonesia. Improper treatment of preeclampsia leads to increased preeclampsia status to preeclampsia with ballast symptoms even eclampsia. Pregnant women's perception of preeclampsia is decisive in getting proper preeclampsia care. This study aims to explore the experience of preeclampsia pregnant women in carrying out preeclampsia pregnancy care. Qualitative research with phenomenological design. Eleven postpartum pregnant women with preeclampsia were used as informants and participated in the study. In-depth interviews are used to collect data. The data were analyzed using an interpretive phenomenological analysis approach. Preeclampsia treatment measures are explored and interpreted. The five themes raised are definition, causes, signs and symptoms, handling and dangers of preeclampsia. Result: informants describe preeclampsia as chronic hypertension caused by the wrong lifestyle. Blood pressure is controlled by regulating a low-salt diet and increasing vegetable and fruit consumption. The appearance of edema indicates that labor is imminent. The findings of this study imply that creating awareness about preeclampsia and its treatment should be emphasized. The provision of care in health facilities should increase education about preeclampsia in pregnant women during ante-natal care.


Eclampsia Perception Preeclampsia

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