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Hypertension is a degenerative disease that is commonly found in adults. The role of family support is very important to keep blood pressure from increasing and return it to normal. The purpose of the study was to identify the relationship between family support and the lifestyle of people with hypertension. This cross-sectional study used the purposive sampling technique. The instruments used were the Family Support Scale (FSS) and the lifestyle of people with hypertension developed from the recommended healthy lifestyle to prevent and control hypertension from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The correlation between variables was analyzed using chi-square and logistic regression. The study obtained the results of respondents who received good emotional support (61.2%), poor instrumental support (53.4%), good informational support (51.5%), and good reward support (53.4%). The correlation test found significant results between family support and the lifestyle of hypertensive patients (p value = 0.000). The most influential form of family support is emotional support. Families who have family members with hypertension are expected to increase their ability to meet emotional needs such as listening, paying attention to the problems of people with hypertension, providing a safe and peaceful place to rest.


Family support hypertension lifestyle

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