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Leucorrhoea, a vaginal discharge that is experienced by adolescent girls. Leucorrhoea can interfere with daily activities, it caused by various factors including inadequate knowledge, inappropriate attitude in maintaining cleanliness of genitalia, frequency of using sanitary napkins for too long, communication patterns between parents and dysfunctional children, lack of information sources. The purpose of this research is to determine what factors are associated with the incidence of leucorrhoea in adolescent girls. The research design used a descriptive analytic study. The number of samples were 205 girls using proportional stratified random sampling technique. The results showed that there were five variables that have relationship with incidence of leucorrhoea (p<0.05): knowledge, attitude, behavior, the communication pattern of parents and children, and the source of information; meanwhile no relationship between the use of sanitary napkins (p>0.05)). The conclusion that the variable has the most related to the incidence of Leucorrhoea was behavior. It is recommended that all related parties facilitate adolescents to behave healthy in preventing and handling pathological leucorrhoea, and for the health office to optimize health service programs for adolescents in schools.


Adolescent girls Leucorrhoea Sanitary napkins

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