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The study conducted at the Dumai Hospital Post-Surgical Room aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using electric blankets in increasing body temperature in postoperative hypothermic patients. This research used quantitative "one-group pretest-posttest” as the design. The population consisted of 240 postoperative patients, and purposive sampling was used to select a sample of 20 patients. The research collected data in three stages. First, the patients' baseline body temperature was measured promptly following the surgical procedure. The patients were then treated with an electric blanket therapy for a standard duration of 10 to 15 minutes. The patients' body temperatures were measured again after the intervention period. The data analysis consisted of both univariate and bivariate analysis. Univariate analysis revealed the frequency distribution of respondent characteristics, including age, education, occupation, and prior operation history. The relationship between the independent variable (use of electric blanket) and the dependent variable (body
temperature) was examined using bivariate analysis. The statistical test revealed
statistically significant evidence supporting the effectiveness of electric blankets in
increasing the body temperature of hypothermic patients following surgery. The
findings contribute to the existing literature on hypothermia prevention and treatment by highlighting the significance of maintaining optimal body temperature for patient recovery.


body temperature electric blanket hypothermia postperative

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