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The Demographic Bonus is a phenomenon in which the population structure is very beneficial from a development standpoint because the productive age population is enormous, while the proportion of young people is getting smaller and the proportion of older people is not yet extensive. The Demographic Bonus must be used for Indonesia as a momentum for the nation's awakening and youth is an investment in the future as the next generation who are productive and very valuable for the continuity of Indonesia's development in the future, with the high rate of development of science and technology in this period bringing impact on adolescents, especially their reproductive health status and quality of life in the future. The impact of premarital sex is indeed a serious problem; the physical impact experienced is a high risk of cervical cancer, the risk of contracting venereal diseases, HIV/AIDS, which can cause infertility and even death, unwanted pregnancies, abortions that cause fertility problems, uterine cancer, permanent disability, and even death. Conveying an understanding of the dangers of free sex in adolescents requires media that is effective and easily accessible to modern society. Teenagers in this era are susceptible to content on social media such as Instagram and Youtube; they like to follow current popular trends. Teenagers in the digital era prefer to see something that moves, like on television, YouTube, or Instagram, rather than having to read articles. Therefore, audio-visual media is
suitable for conveying messages through short film audio-visual media. This study aims to find out the differences in knowledge and attitudes of adolescents not having free sex before and after being given education based on Short Films (Short Education Movie). The research design used is Quasi Experiment. The population in this study were all class X students, totaling 124 students. Results: This study found that students' knowledge and attitudes increased after being given intervention with the media film "Aku Sahabatmu,” with a significance value of <0.05. Discussion: The media film "Aku Sahabatmu" is a media for health education that can increase the knowledge and attitudes of adolescents about free sex and provide appropriate information through health education.


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