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The level of total cholesterol in the blood that exceeds the normal limit can cause
blockage of plaque, damage to the blood vessels, and trigger the occurrence of
atherosclerosis. One way to do this is to maintain total cholesterol levels in the blood through physical activity and a healthy diet. The aim of this study was to find out the relationship between physical activity and the diet of the elderly for total cholesterol levels. The design used in this study is a descriptive analysis with a cross-sectional approach and a sample size of 37. The data analysis used in this study is a Chi-Square test. The results of the study obtained the number of respondents based on physical activity and dietary patterns, with high total cholesterol levels in as many as 12 elderlies and normal levels in as many as 25 elderlies. The study concluded that there was a relationship between physical activity such as exercise with p-value =0.038 and sleep patterns with p-value = 0.027 for total cholesterol levels. Then, there was a relationship between the diet consumption of staple foods with p-value = 0.038 and based on IMT with p-value = 0.013 for total cholesterol levels, but there was no relation between the diet  consumption of fried food with p-value = 0.394 and seafood consumption with p-value = 0.274 for total cholesterol levels.


dietary habit levels of total cholesterol physical activity

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